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Jesse Penna

"Taylor's skilled work, care, concern, and time invested in asking great questions ahead of time and in building a custom mantle/bookshelf for our fire place along with a custom shelf for our den was thorough, thoughtful and excellent in every way.  When we look at these pieces of art/craftsmanship, we see and feel his hours of labor and attention to detail invested and this makes our den a special place to be."


Eric Lamp

"Taylor is producing heirloom quality furniture that your grandchildren will treasure for years in the future. His creativity and craftsmanship are remarkable and his dedication to the craft is inspiring."


Brian Gensch

"I can honestly say that I've never seen such passion for a craft built into the product. Taylor's ability and drive is beyond praise and his furniture is one of a kind. I can also say that his character as a man is as flawless as his woodwork. I hope to have more Taylor-made (pun for us golfers) furniture in my home in the future."


Matt Strong

"Taylor is a true old world craftsman. You will not find better quality built furniture."


Kirk Short

"Taylor just restored a 1900's bed for us. Amazing job and Thank You, Taylor!"

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